Home Life 1.0

The Hostile Puppet welcomes you to his blog. If you've landed here by accident, you can find my political life on Twitter here. If you've landed here from my Twitter feed, you'll find out more about my non-political life and why I am constantly hostile. I think you will find that once you hear my story, you would be hostile as well.

So, it's Taco Tuesday! I wait until the significant other (S.O.) and her female offspring (F.O.) from another sperm provider arrive at home. I fire up the stove and oven, prepping all of the items for one of my personal specialties and favorites... homemade tacos. After the meat is on the stove, the shells are in the oven and the vegetables are diced and shredded, I am told that 1) S.O. is eating leftovers from two nights ago and that 2) F.O. has already eaten.  Well, fuck me hard up the ass with a two-foot broomstick... it would have been nice to know this BEFORE I began cooking your dinner. Thanks for fucking clueing me in.

So... I personally ate all 12 of those fuckers by myself. If you don't want any of my dinner when it's fresh, then fuck you... you don't get any leftovers. Keep fucking around with me and I'll stop giving a shit about making a nice dinner for both of you. Find your own bitches. I am underappreciated enough in this household. If you think it's a game to yank my chain around and watch me dance, then I'm at the point where I'll tell you to fuck off. Seriously, right now I'd rather be living out of my car than having to deal with this shit daily.


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