America's Values are Fucked

America's values are so fucked. This asshole on the left, Bill O'Reilly, has caused his employer 21st Century Fox to settle at least five different cases of sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace. You can find a link to the story here, 21st Century Fox stands by Bill O'Reilly. They've had to pay out about $13-million to victims.

I got fired last year for listening to my boss and doing what I was asked to do. I never committed a crime. I never molested or propositioned a co-worker or client. I never put the organization in the position of having to defend me in court or to negotiate a private settlement. I did my job and followed my supervisor's directions. That's it. What did my loyalty, hard work, long hours, and devotion to the organization get me? It got me fired when they let my boss go because I was one of the few people who actually did what was asked of me.

But sexual predator O'Reilly brings in big money, so Fox will "stand behind him." A camera operator, producer, writer, receptionist, or basically anyone other than him would have been fired immediately and left to fend for themselves in a court of law. That's the only thing that means anything in this country anymore, money. How can I get rich off of you? What have you done for me lately? 

Loyalty and devotion is a one-way street. Employers demand it from employees but don't return it. Unless, of course, you are their cash cow and main means of revenue generation. The working guy or gal, they get fucked in the ass every time


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